The „Old Contry Court“ (Oberer Markt 3)

View from the curch tower eastwards aroung 1920


This is where the „Goldene Löwe“ and a dwelling were situated until the conflagation in 1840. The old town hall was located at the norther side of the Oberer Markt. The cornerstone of a new town hall was layed down in 1843. In 1845 the „Ratskeller“ in the basement opened and in 1845 the urban administration moved into the 1st and 2nd floor.

In 1851 the kingdom of Saxony acquired the building to be used as their court. From 1856-1874 it accommodated the local court for the town and its surroundings, renamed in 1879 to „Königliches Amtsgericht zu Markneukirchen“


Residential and commercial building Markt 8

Salesroom of company Heymann 1928
(Photo: collection Werner Pöllmann)


Master shoemaker Karl Gottlob Braun built the residential and commercial building at Unterer Markt 8 after the 1840 city fire.

Here was the first shop of Nathan Brandt, who had settled in 1880 as the first Jew in Markneukirchen and who 1885 received the right of citizenship.


Evangelical Lutheran town church St. Nicolai

Postcard of the market place with a view to the church in 1914 (collection of Dr. Enrico Weiler)


In the first documentary mentioning of Markneukirchen the town is reportet as “Newenkirchen”. The church was eponymous for the previously mentioned place “Nothaft”. Accordingly to the early built church it was dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children and merchants.