Villa Stark (Adorfer Straße 20)

Historical postcard (after 1907, collection Dr. Enrico Weller)

1889-1891 built according to plans of the Leipzig architects Pfeifer & Händel for the instrument dealer Paul Stark (1853-1918), who ran in financial difficulties with this project.

After the threat of foreclosure acquired in 1904 by his nephew Willy Stark (1872-1946), owner of the musical instruments-export company Theodor Stark.


Violin makers bend (at the B283)

The global economic crisis from 1929 to 1932 lead to an enormous slump within the exports of German musical instruments and a hitherto unprecedented unemplayment in the upper Vogtland. In 1931, the subsidiary of the employment agency in Markneukirchen counted 1832 job seekers.



Villa Merz (Adorfer Straße 38)

Postcard of Villa Merz (1909, hand-colored, collection Dr. Enrico Weller), Bahnhofstr. 265


Built 1902-1903 according to plans of the Dresden architects Felix Reinhold Voretzsch and Heino Otto.

Builder and first resident was the merchant Curt Merz (1875-1954), co-owner of the in 1827 founded musical instruments trading company F. T. Merz.